Our Eco Tours

We are KoolCat Eco Tours

Our 2.5 hour guided eco-tours will cruise the 10000 islands on board our unique CraigCat® boats which seat 2 people and you get to drive the boat! (Don’t worry if you have never driven a watercraft before) We’ll make sure to offer comprehensive instructions so you can feel as confident as possible before your new adventure.

What lies ahead?

An amazing eco-system that sustains unique wildlife and vegetation. From dolphins, manatees, shore birds, shelling, and breathtaking scenery, there will not be a dull moment!

Come join us on a quest and have a Kool time. Let’s Boat!

What you need to know

    • $135 per person for a 2.5 hour guided tour.
    • One vessel holds 2 people. The weight limit per seat is 250 lbs (500 lbs total).
    • Our tours will be launching out of 3 designated areas, depending on the weather and tides.
    • Water, Ice & Dry Storage.
    • Walkie Talkie.
    • Wild life watch and shelling.

“The CraigCat® is a pioneer in small boat design. Quick, roomy, and exceptionally well-built, the CraigCat catamaran boats deliver a rare blend of sport boat performance and the genuine comfort of a runabout that appeal to both novice and seasoned boaters alike. Reaching speeds of 30 mph, you know you’ll have a good time on the water.”

To be able to operate a CraigCat you have to be 18 years of age with a valid driver’s license and passengers must be 5 years or older.

Florida law states all persons operating a CraigCat who were born on or after January 1, 1988 must have in their possession a valid boating safety education ID card while operating any motorized vessel of 10hp or more.

If born after January 1, 1988 you must complete and printout the boaters Safety course in order to drive a CraigCat! If you dont have access to a printer you can send it to us and we will print it for you!

To take your boater safety course online CLICK HERE

If time does not allow 2.5 hours to take the boater safety course online, please contact us to figure out other options.

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